SORD People

Dick Wife 

Dick Wife has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Leeds, UK. He worked for eleven years in Shell Research and is founder of the Specs Company (1987). As CEO, and later as Director of Research, he developed innovative programs and built a world-wide network of company and academic contacts. Specs pioneered the business of collecting drug-like compounds from universities which were bought and screened by pharmaceutical companies for biological activity. Specs developed advanced tools to evaluate the biological relevance and potential of organic compounds. Specs also demonstrated its technology to digitize vast reserves of scientific data. 


Hans de Bie 

Hans de Bie has a PhD in organic synthetic chemistry (natural product synthesis) from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Throughout his career he has been working in the field of information technology mainly focused on systems used in pharmaceutical and biotech companies. After working at Specs for 5 years in various positions, he moved to MDL Information Systems where he was involved in many projects as a consultant, project manager and general manager. From 2003 he was working for Chemcad as an account manager selling software in the analytical workflow area. Recently he moved to Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) to become the Director of Informatics Solutions and Services. 


Jirí Krechl 

Jirí Krechl has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Prague, the Czech Republic. Until 1996, he was Professor at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague. In 1991 he founded SpeChem, a company providing custom synthesis and compound acquisition services to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. He was managing director of a team that, in early '90s, contributed about 800,000 entries to the Beilstein CrossFire Database. In collaboration with Specs, the entire Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, previously only available in hard-copy paper format and starting from 1964, was processed to produce a complete e-Journal in digital format where all of the 180,000 molecular structures and the 11,200 key texts are searchableand linked to 55,600 Journal pages in PDF format.


Niek Roosdorp

Dr. Roosdorp (M.Sc. Chemistry, Groningen University; Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, Uppsala University) started his career in 1977 at Pharmacia in Uppsala, Sweden. Until 1994, he held positions as Medical Director of Astra Syntex Scandinavia (Stockholm), Manager, International Business Development at Syntex Corporation (Palo Alto, California), Vice President, Business Development & Technology at Cooper Development Corporation (Mountain View, California), and Vice President, Business Development at Chiron Corporation (Emeryville, California). In 1994 Dr. Roosdorp founded Biorogen BV, a private company located in Amsterdam, to focus on European biotechnology business development. Since its inception, Biorogen has provided strategic planning and business development services to and participated in: IDM S.A. (Paris), IntroGene B.V. (Leiden, now Crucell B.V.), Prolifix Ltd. (London, now subsidiary of Topotarget A/S), IsoTis B.V. (Bilthoven), U-BiSys B.V. (Utrecht, now merged with IntroGene B.V. to form Crucell B.V.), ChromaGenics B.V. (Amsterdam, now a subsidiary of Crucell B.V.), Merus B.V. (Utrecht, founded in 2003) and Syntarga B.V. (2003).