SORD & Industry

Life Science Research chemists in industry will be using SciFinder or Reaxys. The SOR Database is an essential supplement to these and other commercial databases. Only SORD excerpts data from Theses and Dissertations.

SORD can provide its data in formats for your in-house environment. Inquiries on licensing and technical issues should be sent to ACD/Labs (hyperlink). To familiarize yourself with what the SOR Database can offer, take a good look at the Corporate version of the Quick Start Tutorial: Corporate users


SOR Database Free Trial version

You can easily get access to the SOR Database in an Internet Trial version without charge. Here you can see the chemistry as well as the reagents and solvents employed and evaluate the value of the SOR Database. Just contact Dick Wife ( and try it yourself!


Digital Archives

Those old laboratory notebooks stored somewhere contain valuable information – synthetic methods, novel compounds, etc. We can digitize these archives for you and bring this information back to life.