Welcome to SORD

Our goal is to provide the synthetic and process development chemists in Life Science Research with easy access to new, reliable and relevant chemical information. We convert the largely inaccessible but validated chemical information contained in academic Theses and Dissertations world-wide into a state-of-the-art machine readable format. This is the Selected Organic Reactions (SOR) Database.

By design, the SOR Database has four significant features:

  • Full synthetic information for each chemical reaction, together with complete reaction product data, in English (translation from non-English sources)
  • Previously unpublished data (so not found in other databases)
  • Carefully selected chemical reactions ensuring relevance to the requirements of synthetic and process development chemists
  • Data-mining enablement in all data and text fields

SORD provides free access to its database for Academic researchers who make their information available to SORD.

Since 2006, SORD collaborates with Advanced Chemistry Development Inc. (ACD/Labs). We also use their technology to make the database accessible on the Internet (ACD/Web Librarian) or in-house (ACD/ChemFolder Enterprise or converted to ISIS compatible formats via RD files).